Personal Fee Schedule

Account transaction history

Snapshot of transaction history $2.00
Image print statement $5.00
Check Photocopy $3.00

ATM per transaction fee

Foreign charge $2.00
Withdrawal Free
Balance Inquiry Free
Transfer Free
POS transaction Free

Other Account Fees

Deposited Items Returned $10.00
Bill Pay Free
Early closing fee (if any account is closed within first 30 days) $25.00
IRA transfer fee (outgoing) $25.00
Garnishment $75.00
Lien or Levy $75.00
Monthly dormant charge $5.00**
Overdraft fee (each) $29.00*
Return item fee (each) $29.00*
Official checks (each) $10.00
Research/Reconciliation (per hour) $25.00
Telephone transfer (other than direct access) $3.00

Safe Deposit Box

Drill Box $160.00
3×5 $20.00
5×5 $30.00
3×10 $40.00
5×10 $50.00
10×10 $75.00

Stop payments

Placed via online banking $15.00
Placed at the branch $30.00

Wire Transfers

Incoming $15.00
Domestic outgoing $20.00
Foreign outgoing $40.00

* Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.

** A dormant fee will be assessed after 1 year of account inactivity on checking and money market accounts and 2 years of account inactivity on savings accounts.